Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, WA 19 Jun 2016

I’m in La Conner, WA putting together my Route 66 book and Alexis invited me to join her on a whale watching tour in the San Juan Islands.

La Conner

Alexis at the Anacortes Ferry Landing


First was the experience of the Anacortes Ferry to Friday Harbor and then after a short shopping excursion in this trendy little harbor we caught the boat for our ‘3 hour cruise’ to see the whales.

Our Ferry to Friday Harbor

IMG_3002 (2)

IMG_3001 (2)

Just like the Skipper and Gilligan promised  – we were to have a Three Hour Tour on this boat.

IMG_3004 (2)

First we saw a group of seals drying themselves out on a small island.

DSC_0677 (2)

Then we found a group of about 80 seals playing in the water.

DSC_0682 (2)

This Island is a nature preserve.


A lighthouse we passed as we left the Islands in search of whales.

DSC_0688 (2)

Thar she blows! A humpback whale. We found three during our tour.

DSC_0712 (2)

DSC_0713 (2)

DSC_0714 (2)

DSC_0715 (2)

DSC_0717 (2)

DSC_0718 (2)

DSC_0701 (2)

The whales began to play around another of the whale watching boats.

DSC_0708 (2)

DSC_0710 (2)

DSC_0690 (2)

Getting ready for the big dive. He will remain down for 10-20 minutes before surfacing again.

DSC_0699 (2)

Then we were fortunate to observe American Bald Eagles in their nest on Long Island. The adult Eagles stand about 3 foot tall and the nest they have built is 8 foot across. There is one adult Eagle feeding chicks in the nest and we could watch the movement from the boat.

DSC_0737 (2)

DSC_0738 (2)

DSC_0739 (2)

DSC_0680 (2)

This is a Minsk Whale – one of two that we saw.

DSC_0726 (2)

Sailing boats in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island


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