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I am the author of Walk in Confidence – The Paula Coffer Story Sometimes knowing a person’s journey can help you make it through your own. I have written my life story. I share my challenges, my triumphs and my story of emotion as I come of age, mature and transition into the woman I am today. With ‘Walk in Confidence’ I have reduced the price to be affordable to all so the lessons I’ve learned are shared. Buy the book today and have me visit you on my travels.

I’m Paula Coffer and this is my travel journal. After serving with NATO and the US Military in Kabul Afghanistan for 3+ years I began traveling the US to see for myself the glory and majesty of the United States of America. I began my travels finding National Parks and other quiet places to write my books. Then to visit my battle buddies to help overcome a mild case of PTSD; grief from losing a couple of close friends. I have successfully  completed writing 5 books and published them. Please buy and enjoy each one.

Walk in Confidence – The Paula Coffer Story  

Vanishing Historical Route 66

Afghan Journals #3 The Generals

Afghan Journals #2 American Dollars

Afghan Journals #1 Ministry of Interior

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I’m through traveling to foreign lands and have purchased a motor home and Jeep to see America first hand. Along the way I’ve acquired a bicycle and kayak to enjoy the trails and waterways of this great land. I have a terrific set of binoculars and a good camera to capture the beauty I find.

Follow me as I travel throughout the United States. If you find that my journey comes to your neighborhood, please send me an email and let me know and I’ll try to stop and see you. Together we can see some of the grandeur of your part of America and share with other readers.

Vanishing Historical Route 66! The pictorial book with over 700 color photos from the ‘Mother Road’ has been released. Starting in Chicago and ending at the Santa Monica Pier with 3,000 miles of adventure and nostalgia along the various routes of Highway 66.

I’m so excited to have completed this trip and had the opportunity to capture the Historical Route 66 in film to share. From 1926 to 2016 Route 66 has faithfully served the imagination of Americans and inspired TV Shows and movies. This piece of Americana is not to be missed. But be quick! Route 66 is vanishing before our very eyes. Both paperback and Kindle version in full color!

Vanishing-Historical-Route-66     On Amazon

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