Pacific Coast Highway May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

The people I’ve met here in California are exceptionally friendly and helpful. They seem proud of where they live and are very supportive. As an example I pull off of the road to get fuel and as I am committed to the drive through lane I see that the diesel is ‘out of order’. So I immediately pull back into the street and make a sharp turn back into the station as the line is on the other side of the pumps. Oops, I didn’t make a sharp enough turn so I have to unhook the Jeep and back up the RV to be able to pull forward. Did I mention that this is an exceptionally busy station in a very populated busy street? Well the guy at the pump had already paid for his gas but couldn’t pull up far enough to fill his tank because I’m blocking his way. I can’t do anything either. He and the girl behind him back up and I pull forward. The young man tells me that he moved but needed to access the pump and I’m too big. He pulls around and backs up to the pump. While I’m fueling up I am also reattaching my Jeep. He and I begin talking and he turns out to be really reasonable and accepting that I screwed up but that I had not much recourse but to do what I did. He wished me well in my travels and off he goes.

So I depart San Simeon State Park with the goal of driving to the Santa Cruz area to stay in the Thousand Trail Park in wine country! This Thousand Trail Park is like most other TT Parks. Overbooked, no sewer, ill maintained and crowded.

The drive up the Pacific Coast Highway was one to remember though. You can only say ‘amazing view’ or ‘what a vista’ just so many times. Each fantastic view tops the last one. I quit taking photos after a while because you just can’t capture everything and the panoramic views are just so amazing. I know, you are asking yourself how I’m driving this motorhome pulling the Jeep around these twisty, curvy roads and still be able to take photos. Well it wasn’t easy!

In the photos I’ve tried to capture for you a visual of the rugged beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway. The highway is being worked on to be supported with concrete underpinnings over what appears to be a sheer drop-off. I don’t know how this will stand up during an earthquake but I trust the engineers to have resolved that issue. Please enjoy some of the views of this magnificent stretch of highway along the California coast.



I did stop at the ‘Seal and Whale’ beach where I thought I was going to snap this photo of a couple of large rocks out in the ocean that resembled maybe a seal and a whale.


What I found instead was hundreds of seals on the beach! It must be mating season because you could hear this deep throated calling from multiple places on the beach and of course the friendly frolicking of the seals. The photos below will give you an idea of this ‘seal’ beach environment. – Spring Break maybe?


DSC_0516 (2)

DSC_0509 (2)

DSC_0510 (2)


DSC_0513 (2)

DSC_0517 (2)

It was difficult to catch all the lighthouses but I did manage a couple of them.

DSC_0519 (2)

From the PCH you can see what appears to be pristine beaches far below the steep and sometimes sheer cliffs of the California shoreline.




DSC_0526 (2)

DSC_0528 (2)

DSC_0530 (2)

My guess is that the white rock is a product of the salt water drying and leaving salt on the rock over many, many years of cascading waves.

DSC_0531 (2)

As you can somewhat tell the PCH has many twists and turns with the speed limit at 20 or 30mph much of the time.





A few bridges are also found on the PCH.


There is a lighthouse on the far right of the second picture. I’m not sure what this was on top of the hill but it certainly looked inviting to me.


DSC_0540 (3)

Can you just imagine the wind that these structures must receive? Notice that there are no trees! The power of cropping to see detail is shown in the photos below.

DSC_0540 (3)

Hill House up close

Hill House




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