Afghan Journals III – The Generals Paperback Book

This third entry in a trilogy of daily journal entries from a finance person’s time in Afghanistan 3 covers the period Jan to Oct 2014. She worked at the highest levels of the financial world within the military command of Kabul. This is a book from 2014 for what really happened behind the scenes as billions of American dollars were used in support of the Afghan Security forces as we fought the war on terrorism. She presents what the daily life of a financial mentor/advisor in a war zone is like – no punches held back – from boring to exhilarating, thrilling to frightening.

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The first two years (first two Afghan Journal books) were based on service with the Department of Defense. This third and final Afghan Journal is based on service with the Department of State working closely with the Department of Defense. A death threat forced me to leave Kabul in June, 2013. A call from the command requested my return and this journal covers the period January to October, 2014. In this role I interacted with the representatives of the 32 coalition countries supporting the Afghanistan national police forces and the United Nations.

My work was a coordination of the military CSTC-A (NATO’s Combined Security Transition Command), the US Embassy and the various foreign embassy’s financial representatives. I worked directly with the Deputy Commanding General, the SES (Senior Executive Service) Resource Management, the US Embassy military political advisors, and the United Nation’s director of LOTFA (Law and Order Trust Fund Afghanistan)

You will be bored with some, laugh with some, say ‘You can’t make this shit up’ with some, terrified by the close proximity of bombs and gunfire with some and even a death threat. War is not always action.

You will get an idea of what it is like for a woman to interact with the Afghan Ministry personnel in a society and culture where women are not recognized.

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