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For what really happened behind the scenes as billions of American dollars were used in support of the Afghan security forces as we fought the war on terrorism. She presents what the daily life of a financial mentor/advisor in a war zone is like – no punches held back – from boring to exhilarating, thrilling to frightening!




If you ever wondered what you would do if someone called you and asked if you ‘would like to change the destiny of a nation’ then reading this journal is for you. I was 58 years old when I received just this call. I decided to write and maintain a daily journal to capture all the emotions of deploying to a nation at war where I was tasked with developing the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior officials in budget development and execution for the nation’s police force.

The journal entries begin in June 2011 and end October 2014. Due to the sheer volume of the entries they are being presented in several volumes. You will be bored with some, laugh with some, say ‘You can’t make this shit up’ with some, terrified by the close proximity of bombs and gunfire with some and even a death threat. War is not always action. Building the financial infrastructure to pay for the operations of the entire national police force isn’t necessarily ‘sexy’ or ‘intriguing’. But I think you will agree that this was an adventure worth taking.

You will get an idea of how the Billions of our tax dollars were used to train, equip and pay for the operations of the Afghanistan National Police Force. You will get an idea of what it is like for a woman to interact with the Afghan Ministry personnel in a society and culture where women are not recognized. I was primarily assigned to work with the Ministry of Interior Finance and Budget office but our interactions with the Ministry of Finance were crucial to achieving our goals.

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