Vanishing Historical Route 66

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Vanishing Historical Route 66! The pictorial book with 904 color photos from the ‘Mother Road’ has been released. Starting in Chicago and ending at the Santa Monica Pier with 3,000 miles of adventure and nostalgia along the various routes of Highway 66.

I’m so excited to have completed this trip and had the opportunity to capture the Historical Route 66 in film to share. From 1926 to 2016 Route 66 has faithfully served the imagination of Americans and inspired TV Shows and movies. This piece of Americana is not to be missed. But be quick! Route 66 is vanishing before our very eyes. Both paperback and Kindle version in full color!

Route 66 celebrates 90 years of providing America with travel from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2016. Much of nostalgic sights along the route have disappeared and many more are in danger of deterioration. There are many communities across the 8 states that have embraced the spirit of the Historical Route 66. Within these communities there is an American pride that cannot be hidden. The photos I’ve taken along the way are provided to help maintain for future travelers what is here in 2016. I only wish I had taken this trip a decade ago to catch the fever and spirit of what is becoming a Forgotten Historical Route 66. Enjoy the photo journal as I pass through the ‘Mother Road’.

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