Yosemite May 29, 2016

May 29, 2016

There is such a wonderful feeling when you take a hike through nature. The smell of the woods, the beauty of even the smallest of delicate flowers. This morning I took a short hike near the Yosemite Lakes RV Park. The hike was of medium endurance that reminded me of the hikes Cheryl Korver and I took in Shenandoah. At the end of the hike was a dam and as I neared it I could hear the water falling across the rocks below. At the dam itself I find a group of a dad and his 2 young sons fishing. I’m watching another man stand on the dam fishing for the ‘big one’. I looked at the dad and mentioned that the water must be very cold and he tells me that he carried one of his sons across the damn on his back. “Every bone in my body ached it was so cold.” He tells me. And yet here this guy is standing in the cold swiftly running water casting for more trout. Mind over matter!

I think the thing I’ve most enjoyed about being at this particular campground is the sound of families. Most Thousand Trails parks are older people. This reminds me so very much of when I was a child camping with my parents and grandparents. Children floating on the river squealing or the sound of horse shoes clanking against the post and all combined with the sound of the wind whispering through the trees. I’ll remember Memorial Day weekend 2016 for many years to come as a truly enjoyable time in my life.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a facebook friend drive 2 hours to visit with me for the afternoon. I grilled a salmon filet to mix into the fresh salad with avocado, orange bell pepper and sweet tomatoes. Karen Scot and I spent the afternoon just chatting and enjoying the serenity of my Yosemite campsite.

IMG_2964 (2)

Last night we had a live country band entertain us. I stopped by for a few moments before returning to the campsite where I sat by the river and read a few chapters in my book.

IMG_2938 (2)











IMG_2953 (2)



From across the small South Fork of the Tuolumne River I can see my campsite.


There are many butterflies frolicking among these flowers.


My neighbors invited me to share a beer with them yesterday afternoon and we played a card game called Hand and Foot. Today all but the 80 year old Vietnam Veteran took off to see Yosemite Park in all its grandeur. A perfect day for the trip too as the weather is just great. I asked the ‘stay behind kid’ if he would like to join me for lunch when I noticed that he was still here. He accepted and I grilled a variety of vegetables – okra, bell pepper, zucchini, squash, onion, green beans, new potatoes – and shrimp that I had acquired off the boat while in Crystal River, Florida. Add a wonderful salad with the small avocados, bell peppers, tomatoes – the usual with an avocado dressing. A yummy lunch with an engaging conversation as well as a toast to our fallen comrades in arms.


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