Pacific Coast Highway May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016

Today was a different kind of day for me. Maybe it’s because Memorial Day is near and I’ve been retrospective or it may be that I’m tiring of traveling these beautiful highways alone without purpose. But I’ve been tearful all day and very melancholy. Being here at the Morgan Hill Thousand Trails RV Park doesn’t help much either. Like many of the Thousand Trails Parks there is no sewer hookups in most of the Park. I don’t mind that as I’m only here a couple of nights but the close proximity of my fellow campers is suffocating. Thousand Trails has adopted a business model of turning more and more of the available camping spots into ‘long term’ occupancy. This means that not only are there fewer slots available for the traveling RV’er but that the people occupying these slots on an annual basis quite often are 1) unable to move their unit due to its condition and/or age or 2) they have a job in the local area and find that living out of their RV is better than an apartment or 3) they want to experience the local area for an extended time and use this slot as a ‘home base’. But in essence what is happening is that some of the parks, in an effort to increase the occupancy rates, are allowing substandard units to sit and the RV park looks much like a rundown trailer park. The long term occupants across the street from me here are what I would term trailer trash type people. From the time they returned to their large Class A RV the F bomb and S word were heard continuously. On top of that the gentleman had several of his buddies present to help him install a new horn. His disappointment that it wasn’t what he ordered was rather apparent and vocal as he kept playing this loud obnoxious horn to show his buddies just how wrong it was. He had wanted Star Wars. I have no idea what that would sound like. This TT RV Park has no internet, no radio (well 2 Spanish stations), no TV and poor cell reception. I find this strange as we are pretty much in a suburban populated area just a few miles from town.

OH well, I did get out and check out a local winery. The problem here is that each winery wants $10 for a flight of 5 wines for a tasting. Then the bottles of wine are $38 to $40 minimum. There must be 20 wineries within a 10 mile radius, maybe more. I can’t afford to attend a tasting at all of them to determine just which wine I would like and purchase. At the Big Red Liquors in Indianapolis near where I live on Geist Reservoir has a wine tasting where the wine distributor is present and has a large variety of wines for you to taste, at no cost, and then you make your purchase based on an informed decision without it costing you. An awesome concept.

 DSC_0543 (2)

Even the wild turkey liked the vineyard. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this wild turkey jump into the vineyard and begin to move around. I wasn’t quick enough to get a good photo but if you look just left of center you can see the turkey walking away from me.

DSC_0542 (2)

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