Pacific Coast Highway May 22, 2016

May 22, 2016

I diverted off of the Pacific Coast Highway to rest and do some much needed laundry at a Thousand Trails facility near Santa Barbara, CA. The Rancho Oso RV resort is actually a dude ranch type of facility. Two groups of girl scouts invading this quiet and serene environment made for a lively weekend. I’d forgotten just how much noise active little girls make as they are enjoying an outing. My twin daughters are 30 years old now and are much quieter – most of the time.

Here are a few photos of the Ranch Oso RV Resort:

DSC_0268 (2)

DSC_0267 (2)

DSC_0269 (2)

DSC_0270 (2)

DSC_0309 (2)

Longhorn cows

I took a trip to Solvang, a Danish community nestled in the hills near highway 101. Joris you would love this town. Sadly the drought over the past few years has taken its toll on the rivers and lakes here in California. I stopped to view the dam and lake.

 DSC_0272 (2)


As you can see the shoreline is very high above the water level and there is lots of greenery where water should be.


But Solvang was full of tourists and the traffic was heavy through this quaint little Danish village.

DSC_0292 (2)

DSC_0294 (2)

DSC_0296 (2)

DSC_0295 (2)

DSC_0298 (2)

DSC_0299 (2)

DSC_0301 (2)

Not good photos but the little mermaid was present here also.

DSC_0275 (2)

DSC_0276 (2)

DSC_0277 (2)

DSC_0279 (2)

DSC_0281 (2)

DSC_0282 (2)

DSC_0283 (2)

DSC_0285 (2)

DSC_0287 (2)

DSC_0288 (2)

DSC_0291 (2)

DSC_0274 (2)



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