Pacific Coast Highway – May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

I immediately got on Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway at the Santa Monica Pier. North I go to spend my summer in Oregon and Washington State.

DSC_0240 (2)

Near Malibu beach there are an abundance of vendors braving the weather in the 60’s.

 DSC_0244 (2)

DSC_0245 (2)

The waves crash hard, the wind is blowing and the temperatures are cool. I did see quite a few RV’s just parked on the beach and I was tempted but that would have been cold and breezy.


DSC_0250 (2)

So I contacted Thousand Trails and arranged for a few nights at the Rancho Oso resort near San Bernardino.

I’m perched on the second row of RV’s looking upon mountains and there are horses here to ride as well as trails in the National Forest to hike.




The tree shadowing my picnic table. I love the colors. The only problem is that it is shedding and dropping ‘tree gum’ on my jeep!

DSC_0257 (2)

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