January 2016 Peace River, FL – Lehigh Acres, FL

Teddy Roosevelt

I returned to Peace River on the 30th and spent New Year’s Eve in my RV talking with Dawn, a friend living at Peace River RV Resort. That was better than a party!

I spent the first weeks of January working on the Afghan Journals trilogy covering the years 2011-2014. I was able to publish all three in both paperback and kindle ebook versions. I am happy that the library of congress with have my view of this time in history and if the books sell, then that is a bonus. My most important goal was to get these daily journals in print so that history would be recorded. I’m so glad that I had the foresight to keep a daily journal during my time in Afghanistan.

As we age our ability to pursue some of our hobbies diminishes. Tom has this motorized fishing kayak for sale. Fish finder, pole holders, electric trolling motor and many more accessories make this a steal as he sells it.


Midmonth I departed Peace River and occupied an RV spot next to a friends’ house that I’ve met during this journey of mine. While here we have celebrated Cindy’s 60th birthday and visited with friends.


Cindy birthday

Scott and Jane pictured and Cindy shared ‘all you can eat snow crab’ with me at Maria’s


We went to Marco Island to visit with my old friend Gene

Gene in Marco

With my time spent helping around Jane’s house, building this website and finding ways to promote my book ‘Sandbox to Sandbox’ I haven’t had time to get out and shoot my AR or kayak or do much more than ride the bicycle around the neighborhood. Of course all the rain hasn’t helped either.


A friend provided me with pictures of TT Peace River RV Resort. I’m so glad that I’m sitting on a concrete slab at my friend Jane’s home. Here is a note from Tom:

Well, we certainly had an exciting stay at Thousand Trails Peace River.     Last Sunday was the Tornado that came through about 10 miles away near Duette, FL.  Winds were strong at TT, and we weren’t sure where the tornado was going after it left Siesta Key.  Our phones were quieted and we didn’t get the warning until about an hour after the tornado hit Duette (and killed two).  Our weather radio was off too… so we learned a few lessons for future storm situations!

 Then came the flood… the Peace River overflowed its banks and flooded 1/3 of the lower campground… stranding several rigs in water up to their doors.  The water came up to within 10 feet of our campsite… we and many others were all of a sudden on the edge of a large lake!… so we requested and got a move to a higher campsite.  All the roads down to the river were covered, and rigs could still get out, but those on the grassy area couldn’t move and had to be pulled out by a large tow-truck.














Nothing like being bored to make breakfast a better part of your day though!


We attended a RV show at the Ft Myers Civic Center.


While there I found a great RV for me. A diesel engine, walk around bed, comfortable living area and storage were all criteria for me. I do believe that I’ve found the right RV for me that I can use and pass onto my kids to use when I’m too old.

Side of RV Floor Plan

Jane and Cindy went to play with the Manatees at the Ft Myers Manatee Park while I worked on getting my website up and running.



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